What Does This Software Do?

The software in question, it is said, is the world’s best speech recognition software. The dragon software is primarily used in the health services industry. Inevitably and quite conveniently, this software packaged is installed to the desktop computer. Once installed and activated, it allows for immediate transcriptions to commence.

The transcription service is easy to utilize. First though, users need to give themselves a practice run. They can utilize the YouTube video demonstration portal for this. There are alternative video tutorials available for use.

A PDF document also outlines the system’s requirements. Another document outlines how practitioners can make a medical product comparison. They are also supplied with a full list of medical vocabularies. Up to ninety pre-configured special medical vocabularies have been included. Custom vocabularies can also be added for maximum recognition accuracy. Speech recognition is built in for medical applications.

dragon software

Medical practitioners are now able to compile and complete their clinical notes at substantially reduced costs than it would have been had they been doing manual transcriptions. The transcription system is quite accurate. The system is compatible with Microsoft Office applications. New levels of speech recognition are now being attained for the purposes of putting together clinical documents. With numerous features, the system is not just for the medical practitioner’s ears and eyes.

It can and should also be utilized by nursing assistants, administrators and any number of other healthcare service providers. All this, and more, in the interests of providing better outcomes, not for the practitioners and their staff alone, but especially for the patients. It has to be wondered whether patients are in a position to acquire this software package. And do they require a special license in order to make use of the system on their own.