What Causes WiFi to go out?

It’s one of the major problems of our digital age, but when the Wifi stops working it generally means that our computer cannot access the internet. This can be a problem for many reasons, and one that needs to be solved quickly. Losing the signal can be attributed to many things, including problems with the weather that can cause interference, troubles with the broadband power dividers, and weak signals between your device and the connector.

Weak signals can be caused by where the Wifi device is placed, as placing it in a closet with tons of obstacles between the signal and your device will cause slowdowns. If the device is placed in an open area near the computer or phone, then you can click on the Wifi icon and see the strength of the signal.

If the signal is strong but the Wifi isn’t connecting, then it could be because the connection needs to be rebooted. This can happen due to power outages, problems with your computer, or problems with the adaptor. Look at all of the connections to see what is happening, and then reset the adaptor. Alternatively, you can run a diagnosis on your computer and see if the machine is the problem.

broadband power dividers

If problems persist and you’ve tried plugging it into a different outlet, resetting the device, and looking at the problem from all angles, then you might need to either take the machine or the adapter in to have it serviced and repaired. Sometimes failing hardware is the problem, especially if you have had the same computer or the same adapter for many years.

Wifi is going to go out, but knowing the causes of an interruption and being able to determine what causes you can control should help with the frustration.